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Post Construction Cleaning Services In Vancouver, BC


Most Reliable Services By Construction Cleaning Experts in Vancouver, BC

Post-construction cleaning in Vancouver, BC includes a wide variety of services to make sure your building remains clean and safe. You may need a simple cleaning that includes a simple sweeping to get cobwebs off the surfaces of the roof and walls, as well as a small power washer for any stubborn marks and grime. If a builder is not available on-site, your building can usually be cleaned within an hour or two depending on the size of the job and the complexity. We offer a very reliable and efficient deep cleaning of all hard surfaces, tile, vinyl floors, and windows. We have the experience and equipment to clean upholstered furniture, blinds, and windows quickly and efficiently. Therefore, if you are looking for professional construction site cleaners in Vancouver, Fresh One Cleaning Services should be your ideal choice.

If you have recently got a new home constructed, or gone through some renovation work, our post-construction cleaning in Vancouver is what you need the most. With the best post-construction cleaning services from Fresh One Cleaning Services, your property can be made ready to move in at the earliest.

Construction and renovation left a whole lot of unwanted dust and debris. Even if it is a newly constructed house or a commercial building, to move in and settle, you would first need to clean the place. Our post-renovation and construction cleaning experts are well aware of the situation that occurs after the construction work is complete. Hence, we provide the best construction cleaning services to ensure all the dirt, debris, and unwanted clutter is out of sight and your new construction actually looks new.

You can totally rely on our efficient cleaning services to deliver you an environment where you can settle down without worrying about a speck of dust. Construction cleaning done by Fresh One Cleaning Services is regarded as the best. As all our cleaners follow a strict protocol and get the work done to the highest of standards.

We are a customer-centric construction cleaning company and work with certain ethics and principles. Our primary motto is to provide 100% satisfactory services to our clients to ensure they get the most value-for-money construction clean-up services.


Best Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC


Whether you have a new building that needs to be cleaned, or if you're tired of the dirt, grime, and trash that continue to surround your home and business, Fresh One Cleaning Services is here to help. Our construction cleaner will transform your space into a dirt and debris-free zone. We will ensure your space stays hygienic, and safe for you and your loved ones.

Our company offers an exhaustive list of construction cleaning in Vancouver, including both indoor and outdoor cleaning, janitorial services, and much more. When it comes to keeping a building clean post-construction, there are cleaning service providers such as Fresh One Cleaning Services to help you in cleaning your property. We offer commercial cleaning that will take on large jobs, like cleaning out lockers after a store has closed up shop for the season or a large apartment complex following a massive party.

We not only offer residential building cleaning services but also specialize in helping businesses clean their offices and windows after renovations. Whatever you need, our experts at Fresh One Cleaning Services can offer you the best version of it at the most affordable prices. We offer our services of construction cleaning in North Vancouver as well. So, just give us a call to enquire about the location and we will reach you to transform your space into a dirt-free zone.

Fresh One Services is known for its quality and performance. We deliver the best post-construction cleaning services in Vancouver. Our cleaning experts will take care of everything related to cleaning including stain removal, cleaning window sand ills, light fixtures, vacuum-cleaning office furniture, ceiling pipes, and every accessible area in the building. We always use eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure that our services are safe for our customers as well as the environment. If your construction project has recently ended, you would be willing to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of the dust and debris. Avail of our excellent cleaning services at the most affordable prices in Vancouver. We are well known for our exceptional services in construction clean-up in Vancouver and provide 100% customer satisfaction with every service. In short, if you are not satisfied, we will return and repeat the construction cleaning services in Vancouver at zero cost.

Why Choose Us for Post-Construction Cleaning in Vancouver & Nearby Areas

Post-construction cleaning in Vancouver, BC encompasses a wide range of services designed to keep your construction clean and safe. Construction dust and dirt get everywhere, necessitating cleaning deep clean of everything. We assist in the removal of debris and dust from all surfaces. The surfaces are vacuumed, brushed, scrubbed, and have stains removed.

We always use environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure that our services are fully secure for both our customers and the environment. Our cleaning professionals will handle everything from stain removal to cleaning window tracks, carpeted areas, light fittings, vacuuming furniture, ceiling pipes, and every useable area in the building. For us, no task is too big or too small. Simply contact us to begin working on a customized cleaning plan. We can custom-tailor any service related to construction cleaning in Vancouver, BC to ensure all your cleaning needs are met to perfection.

You worked hard to bring your project to life; let our crew make the final steps as simple as possible. You can count on us for construction cleaning in Vancouver BC.

  • How much do house cleaners charge in BC?
    The charges for cleaning services depends on various factors, for example: The size of the home Number of rooms to be cleaned Number of bathrooms Accessibility to the cleaning areas like ceilings For various services the cost also varies. For example, window cleaning services are charged at a different rate, and ceilings and upholstery cleaning will have different charges. On an average the hourly charges will vary between $25 to $ 90 per hour.
  • How much should a deep house cleaning cost ?
    The factors that decide the cost of deep house cleaning are the area of the house, number of rooms, bathrooms and the location of your house. On an average, a three bedroom house, 2000 sq. feet area costs between $150 to $ 250. An average house cleaning cost can be $ 165.
  • What's included in home and commercial cleaning in Vancouver?
    The standard home cleaning services will include the cleaning material and equipment required, dusting of surfaces, vacuuming the floors and if required, polishing them, mopping the floors, countertops, sinks, cleaning the windows. There are other services like power washing, carpet cleaning that can be used as ancillary services with additional charges. The commercial cleaning services will include the cleaning material, equipment and will cover all the cleanings that are mentioned above. Based on the services you have opted for, this might include parking lot maintenance, strata cleaning, day porter service, etc.
  • How long does it take to clean a 3 bedroom house?
    Typically, a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home will take around 3 to 4 hours to perform the standard cleaning task. However, if you include deep cleaning, it might take 6 hours to clean the house. Also, the additional services like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning will require additional time. It is advised that you must keep the house ready for cleaning to get the thorough services.
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